Project Overview

The mutūn project looks to empower non-technical users by facilitating access both to thousands of digitized Arabic texts and to natural language processing tools specifically designed for Arabic. Building off of the pioneering work of the Open Islamic Texts Initiative (OpenITI) and the KITAB project in collecting and curating a meta-corpus of over 13,000 Arabic texts, mutūn will allow users to create their own subcorpora of digitized Arabic texts through an accessible platform. Furthermore, a wide array of computational tools have been developed for the textual analysis of Arabic texts, including the toolset created by NYU Abu Dhabi's CAMeL Lab. Without technical training, the contributions of these and other projects remain out of reach to the lay researcher. The mutūn platform looks to change that by enabling any user to: easily access and read these digitized texts; organize their own corpus; carry out complex searches; and view text analysis outputs of their corpora to further their research goals.